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I do design work for an orchestra that uses a well-heeled, highly respected ticketing and donor CRM. I design a template page into which this third-party’s proprietary code is injected on their servers. One of their scripts was causing problems with the template … but that’s not my question. I happened to notice a strangely titled script just after the <head> tag on the live page:

<script src="/bsolude-is-wellow-The-life-in-make-good-man-a-ha" async=""></script>

This made me wonder if it was isolated, but I knew it was running from the third-party CRM’s server, so I looked at some of their other clients’ websites and, yes, they all have similar hacky-looking scripts:

Orchestra A

<script src="/f-beare-he-The-are-begardly-Knock-Knocke-a-once-" async=""></script>

Orchestra B

<script src="/bsolude-is-wellow-The-life-in-make-good-man-a-ha" async=""></script>

Orchestra C

<script src="/utate-and-Angue-That-my-wouldst-When-inhabid-all" async=""></script>

Opera Company

<script src="/d-Dragges-selued-Cure-is-too-loue-not-forgottome" async=""></script>

I’ve pasted this whole 7000 lines of mess safely below as text, but can anyone tell me what this does? Comment below… or on my Facebook post.

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